"Yet...Conversations About Bringing Art Into the World"

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We often enjoy the finished product of a piece of writing, a painting, a performance, or the polished look of an ARTrepeneur who knows their way around marketing without getting an opportunity to explore how all of these things came into being. "Yet...Conversations About Bringing Art Into the World"  is a brief monthly newsletter by Shanta Lee Gander that shares information about all aspects of the creative process.  What are some things to consider for collaboration with other creatives? What are some considerations in terms of getting the word out about your creative work?

This newsletter includes Shanta Lee's personal insights, vignettes as it relates to her process in relationship to some of these questions, and  creative contemplations along with flash interviews that feature other creatives.  Workshop offerings about these various topics will be included when they are available throughout the year.  By signing-up, you are connecting yourself to an ongoing conversation with individuals around the world sharing their wisdom about aspects of their branding, creating, or anything related to their process.  These individuals are a range of performers, writers, visual artists, and anyone across the spectrum of creating.  Even if you are just curious to have your creative explorations expanded, you are more than welcome to join us!

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