PBS American Portrait: A National Storytelling Project
My audio and visual poem about bearing witness in this moment

Rebels With a Cause: What History's Forgotten Black Women Teach Us About Ourselves  Ms. Magazine Blog

The Enduring Mythology of Public Space The Crisis Magazine

Insiders: Windham County at its heart Vermont Arts & Living
'Southern Vermont is like a matryoshka doll: there was always more to appreciate beneath the surface.’

I AM: Exploring What It Means to Be a Vermont Artist by Amy Lilly.  An art review of a statewide exhibition I co-curated with the Vermont Arts Council

Not a word, but an action  The Commons

Dispatch From A Once Invisible Teenager  The Commons

Recitation of Bars Fight, A Poem by Lucy Terry Prince   People, Places, and the History of Words (Brattleboro Words Project)

Dispatch From A Once Invisible Teenager The Commons

Let’sShow Off Our Stuff:  Windham County Artsas an Invitation to Visitors  Editorial for Southern Vermont Arts & Living

TheSociety of Alice: You Are Your Own White Rabbit  Rebelle Society

A Name Is Just A Name? Broadening Our Understanding of Black Names The Commons

Remember When Everything Felt Like The End Of The World? Well, It’s Still Here, But Different  Rebelle Society

 My Hair, My Self  Ms. Magazine Blog

An Open Letter to My Former Younger Self  Rebelle Society

On Passing, the Performance of Blackness and the Rachel Dolezals I Know Ms.Magazine Blog


Special Focus:  Flying Signs  The Commons
Brattleboro’s tensions over panhandling bring to the surface discussions about how to share the streets with people in need — and how to balance compassion, safety, and community in the process

Special Focus: Urban drug culture brings a host of ‘isolated incidents’  The Commons
"A steady stream of drugs comes from Hartford and New York to users along the I-91 corridor, thanks to the opioid crisis. A community was unprepared for the violence that moved in."

Special Focus: #ThemToo  The Commons
"Last December, more than 50 women weighed in on a Facebook discussion, and many claimed injury and inappropriate conduct by a Brattleboro yoga instructor. When #MeToo hits a small town, nobody is left unscathed."

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